Third edition: the green one!

Throughout 2021, I’ve been hard at work researching, writing and proofing the third edition of the Handbook for Facet Publishing.

Front cover of 3rd edition of Special Collections Handbook: bright green with multi-coloured stylised books on shelves, white and yellow lettering.
The Handbook’s new look.

I have reviewed every single word, example, diagram, link and reference for this new edition: you can be sure that nothing has stayed in from the previous one unless it earned its place. I tried to balance imparting knowledge about sector practice with encouraging new thinking about the great challenges we face: global heating, decolonisation, and using the ‘digital shift’ to bring people and collections together.

The new edition has a vivid green cover, chosen so it will stand out on your bookshelves for quick reference, and I thought this was rather fitting in view of the increased focus on ‘greening’ Special Collections.

Find out more about the book and pre-order your copy via the Facet Publishing website. I hope you’ll find it a helpful companion for your Special Collections journey!


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