Taste the Handbook!

Get a free taste of the Special Collections Handbook in its latest form. Facet Publishing have made Chapter 2 on Emergency Planning available via open access so everyone can see what the book has to offer. Keeping collections safe from fire, flood, and the other "enemies of books" has been the essential task of librarians … Continue reading Taste the Handbook!

404: Friend or Foe?

For the Second Edition, I'm reviewing the web links I cited in the original.  The bad news?  Half the links I cited have broken.   I've seen rather a lot of 404 message screens! The good news?  Almost all the pages or documents with broken links are still available elsewhere on the web.  So why have they … Continue reading 404: Friend or Foe?

Handbook redux

This summer I will mostly be writing. I'm working on a NEW edition of the Special Collections Handbook: deadline July. I was delighted when Facet Publishing invited me to create a new edition.  It's been five years since the first edition was published: in a fast-changing world there are many new developments to share with readers, … Continue reading Handbook redux