Better buy BLIW

How will librarians of the future learn from librarianship in our time?  That's assuming they exist in some form (hope so!) and are interested.  And what resources are available to help new librarians now get an overview of the whole profession?  BLIW is the very thing these researchers need.  Yes, Librarian of the future, we … Continue reading Better buy BLIW


Why do librarians tweet about cake?

I've taken on a challenging/fun writing project for 2016: summing up social media in libraries 2010-2015, for the next edition of British Librarianship and Information Work.  Crumbs! The deadline is autumn 2016, but I've started work already as the piece will need a great deal of planning, research and reflection. Finding information and evidence so … Continue reading Why do librarians tweet about cake?

Conference-going: advice from a US librarian

The Handbook is of course written from a UK perspective, but I did my best to incorporate material which would help librarians in other English-speaking countries.  Many examples and best practice come from the USA in particular, home to so many Special Collections and their librarians.  We have much in common, but there are of … Continue reading Conference-going: advice from a US librarian