What people said about the original edition of the Handbook!

“A gem of a book”.  A lovely review by Alison Wilson of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, in the Historic Libraries Forum Bulletin no. 23 pp. 9-10.

“Collections and collections”.  Elena Maceviciute of Vilnius University in Information Research 2012 no. 1.  The author describes the book as a “straightforward and exhaustive handbook”, and discusses two other Facet books on collections themes.

“Brièvement, clairement, tout est passé en revue …”. Raphaële Mouren in Bulletin des bibliothèques de France 57 (3).

“A book that is focused on action …” Anne Welsh of University College London in Rare Books Newsletter (93) October 2012.

More reviews …

Donald Kerr of the University of Otago in Library Management 33 (4/5), pp.325-7.

Katy Hooper in Journal of the Society of Archivists, 33 (2), 2012, pp. 221-223.

Laurel Davis of Boston College Law School, RBM Fall 2012 13, pp. 204-205.



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