Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts

Well hello, Digital.Bodleian! What a lovely, clean and appealing interface, love the big friendly search box.  I met Digital.Bodleian at the DCDC conference, where Lucie Burgess gave a compelling keynote explaining the Bod's plans for its new digital library.  Digital.Bodleian will allow people to use all the Bodleian's digitised material. "But of course it will!  … Continue reading Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts


Stewards of the Born-Digital

The University of Hull, along with three US universities, produced a white paper outlining practical and achievable ways forward in tackling the problems of collecting and managing born-digital archives: "AIMS Born-Digital Collections:An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship". There's also a blog, Born Digital Archives,  featuring insights from those working on the project.   Both have plenty to … Continue reading Stewards of the Born-Digital