Handbook redux

This summer I will mostly be writing. I'm working on a NEW edition of the Special Collections Handbook: deadline July. I was delighted when Facet Publishing invited me to create a new edition.  It's been five years since the first edition was published: in a fast-changing world there are many new developments to share with readers, … Continue reading Handbook redux

Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts

Well hello, Digital.Bodleian! What a lovely, clean and appealing interface, love the big friendly search box.  I met Digital.Bodleian at the DCDC conference, where Lucie Burgess gave a compelling keynote explaining the Bod's plans for its new digital library.  Digital.Bodleian will allow people to use all the Bodleian's digitised material. "But of course it will!  … Continue reading Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts

Beep! Beep! Why barcode your archive?

Librarians have known for years that giving items individual unique identifiers makes it much easier to manage them.  Accessions stamps have been used for centuries, automatically rolling on to give each item a number of its very own.   Making those identifiers machine-readable took things to a new level. We're talking barcodes!  Barcodes allowed libraries to … Continue reading Beep! Beep! Why barcode your archive?

Why do librarians tweet about cake?

I've taken on a challenging/fun writing project for 2016: summing up social media in libraries 2010-2015, for the next edition of British Librarianship and Information Work.  Crumbs! The deadline is autumn 2016, but I've started work already as the piece will need a great deal of planning, research and reflection. Finding information and evidence so … Continue reading Why do librarians tweet about cake?

Weeding and Working Together

The National Archives have produced two really useful bits of guidance recently: Deaccessioning and disposal: guidance for archive services will help safeguard vulnerable collections by outlining legal issues and professional principles and practices. Guide to collaboration between the archive and higher education sectors has been produced jointly by TNA and Research Libraries UK.  It offers … Continue reading Weeding and Working Together