Free your Orphans!

Struggling with copyright?  You're not alone. Archives in the UK contain millions of "orphans".  These works are in copyright but the rights holder(s) are unknown or untraceable so we cannot get permission to use the works.  This means the works are in legal limbo and hidden from audiences who might benefit from using them. At … Continue reading Free your Orphans!

Wine? Glass? DRINK?

The first of several quick posts from this year's excellent DCDC conference in Salford.  Digital impact expert Simon Tanner asked an interesting question in his Keynote talk.  If we compare archives services to wine, the wine equals the collections, the glass the infrastructure of building and staff, and the drinking is access to the collections … Continue reading Wine? Glass? DRINK?

Beep! Beep! Why barcode your archive?

Librarians have known for years that giving items individual unique identifiers makes it much easier to manage them.  Accessions stamps have been used for centuries, automatically rolling on to give each item a number of its very own.   Making those identifiers machine-readable took things to a new level. We're talking barcodes!  Barcodes allowed libraries to … Continue reading Beep! Beep! Why barcode your archive?