Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts

Well hello, Digital.Bodleian! What a lovely, clean and appealing interface, love the big friendly search box.  I met Digital.Bodleian at the DCDC conference, where Lucie Burgess gave a compelling keynote explaining the Bod's plans for its new digital library.  Digital.Bodleian will allow people to use all the Bodleian's digitised material. "But of course it will!  … Continue reading Spooky! The Bod Squad take on the Digital Ghosts

Wine? Glass? DRINK?

The first of several quick posts from this year's excellent DCDC conference in Salford.  Digital impact expert Simon Tanner asked an interesting question in his Keynote talk.  If we compare archives services to wine, the wine equals the collections, the glass the infrastructure of building and staff, and the drinking is access to the collections … Continue reading Wine? Glass? DRINK?