I created this site as an online extension of The Special Collections Handbook, which will be published by Facet Publishing in November 2011.  The Handbook is a practical guide to help librarians and others new to caring for Special Collections, by which I mean all the exciting stuff in a library that needs extra care but that also appeals to wider audiences.  Rare books, maps, archives, photographs, objects, and, increasingly, digi media.

The Chapters, above, are empty right now, but I will be filling them soon.  The book is full of examples, case studies and documentation found online.  Mindful of the dreaded link rot, which will make the links in the book obsolete before the text ceases to be relevant, I set up this site to maintain the links as they migrate to new addresses.  I’ll also add other interesting publications as they come my way.  I hope this will make the experience of using the book more valuable, though this site can be used independently as a source of useful stuff.



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