From AACR2 to Zines

The index for the Handbook continues to take shape.  There are about 800 entries at present!  They cover individual objects, collections, libraries, projects, resources, lots of technical terms, codes and standards, and the ideas underlying best practice in special collections.  I hope readers will find the index helps them make the most of what the Handbook has to offer.

(AACR2 = Classic library cataloguing standard, basis of pretty much any library cataloguing you’ll encounter.  The book includes a section about it, explaining its use in cataloguing rare books and manuscripts and how it has been supplemented by other codes to offer more copy-specific cataloguing.

Zines = I mention in passing as a type of material that is tricky to manage  via traditional library/archive ways.  Anyone involved with zines, though, will find much relevant advice in the book on preservation, marketing etc.)




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