Mini Emergency Toolkit

“Eeek!  Wet books!  Water everywhere!  What do I do first? What do I do next?  How do I dry these books out?  Should I freeze these things?  IS THAT MOULD??”

Special collections are at risk from floods (topical, alas) and other water leaks, not to mention fire.  Prompt and effective action can make a huge difference to the survival and future usefulness of your treasures.

Emma Dadson has written a new booklet for the British Library Preservation Advisory Centre which covers in 20 pages the practical steps involved in saving your collections.  It’s freely available online!  The booklet is ideal for those new to the subject and also to refresh the memories of special collections staff and anyone involved in emergency response or salvage.  I will certainly use it when training my colleagues.

Other must-reads:





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