A Tumblr full of Gems

Delighted to reveal A Cabinet of Gems!  It's our new Tumblr account.  I'm using it to share appealing out-of-copyright images from Special Collections at Bradford, like this lovely 1920s girl on a photo wallet from the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive. Why (yet) another blog?   I've realised for a while that I needed something to fill the … Continue reading A Tumblr full of Gems

Five Theses on the Future of Special Collections

"Preservation without use is an empty victory. It ought to be our primary purpose at all times to minimize barriers to use ..." "[It is] crucial to reach out and demystify special collections, to convey the message: 'Please touch. This is here for you. You are special enough for special collections'." So says John Overholt … Continue reading Five Theses on the Future of Special Collections