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Delighted to reveal A Cabinet of Gems!  It’s our new Tumblr account.  I’m using it to share appealing out-of-copyright images from Special Collections at Bradford, like this lovely 1920s girl on a photo wallet from the Jacquetta Hawkes Archive.

Why (yet) another blog?   I’ve realised for a while that I needed something to fill the gap between Twitter and the WordPress blogs.  Tumblr fits the bill nicely.  It’s for those moments when we find or rediscover something amazing which we want to show the world – but don’t have time or energy to write a detailed blog post about it.

As always with social media, I’m experimenting.  I find Tumblr quick and fun to use, posting pretty much daily at the moment.  I’ll explore ways of getting statistics from the site, analyse the kinds of audiences and involvement that we get, see how other Special Collections use Tumblr, and just see how it goes.